Hard-working middle class families

North Dakota families deserve policies that work for them. As someone who worked three jobs to put myself through college and now helps raise two young children, I know that some months tough decisions need to be made. Quality, affordable, childcare is a primary concern of mine; I’ve held several forums on the issue and continue to work with community advocates. Childcare incentives help the economy by allowing working families to work while their child is in quality childcare.

Worker safety issues are a concern of mine. North Dakota has one of the highest death rates for workers. We need to make job sites more secure so workers return home safely to their families.

I also believe hardworking North Dakotans deserve paid family leave to care for a child, spouse, or parent, and I will fight for those policies, as well as paid maternity and paternity leave. In the 2015 session, my bill advocating for parents who adopt passed, allowing them the same leave as birth parents, I will continue that advocacy to include all working families.


North Dakota seniors have built this great state. They’ve raised families, worked hard, and now deserve to retire with dignity. It is critical that long term care facilities receive the support they need to ensure that our elderly are receiving quality care when residing in a nursing home. Through my work on Finance & Tax, I have continually fought for removing the state tax on social security and will continue to be a strong advocate on senior issues.


I support ensuring that those who have sacrificed so much for our freedoms are properly taken care of when they return to their home in North Dakota. I support increasing the Post War Trust Fund. This fund ensures that Vets receive proper dental, vision and hearing treatment. I have cosponsored a bill, several times, that would allow disabled veterans access to a tax break if they are renters. Currently, those who own homes receive a property tax credit, but veterans that are disabled that rent do not receive the same benefit. We need to care for ALL of our veterans and I will continue to be a strong advocate of this tax break.


It is important that classrooms have the materials necessary to fulfill every student’s potential. The investment we make in education is the most lucrative investment we make, because it is in our most precious assets: our children. As a daughter of two public school teachers, and someone who has two little girls and a nephew in the school system, I pay close attention to ensuring that the state is doing everything we can to help every student reach their full potential. We need to continue to put teachers and students first because that is critical to the future of North Dakota.

Human Trafficking, Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault

These are issues that I have worked closely with advocates on to deliver funding and provide policy changes to help victims. In my second session, my bill was passed to help victims in cases of being stalked by an abuser. The legislature secured funding to train more sexual assault forensic examiners to help survivors of rape receive an examination in a timelier manner.

I was a cosponsor of legislation that helped fund services for human trafficking survivors, allowing survivors to receive the care they need and prosecutors to bring forth a witness in order to lock away the people who are committing these heinous crimes. Due to my hard work on human trafficking, I was selected as the Dem-NPL member by Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem to serve on the Human Trafficking Coalition that was created during the 2015 session.